Frequently Asked Questions

Will updates be free?

If you are on our subscription plans all updates are free. For those who only purchased one-time services, updates can be conducted at our developers standard rate of $85 / hour.

Discounts for Veteran-Owned, Minority-Owned, and Women-Owned Businesses? What about Startups?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Our founder is a Navy Special Operations Veteran and his wife is a Chinese immigrant who is launching her own startup. All of these groups hold a special place in the hearts of Rainier's developers and we believe in removing barriers to helping your company get found and do business online.

I need something unique, Can you make it?

Absolutely! We aren't one-trick ponies here at Rainier. Our developers are full-stack software engineers who can build whatever you need for your business.

What is included in the Full-Service Plan?

Our Full-Service Plan includes the following: website design, construction, and maintenance; domain management; database configuration and management; Google Workspace setup and management; email setup and management; SEO updates and copywriting. We want to remove the hassle of building and maintaining a website, publishing content, and setting up additional tech integrations. Go run your business! We got the tech covered.

Any refunds?

Given the nature of the work being performed, we do not offer refunds on work performed. The primary cost to us is the time our developers spend working on a project and we believe in compensating them for all their effort. However, if you are not satisfied with our work and you are on our subscription plan we will refund your remaining subscription and transfer all control of the website to you. For those who purchased one-time services, we will offer two-additional weeks of support at no cost until we make it right.