Case Study: Yuzi Care

Case Study: Yuzi Care

This case study sheds light on the challenges faced by Yuzi Care, a Seattle-based B2B2C HealthTech company dedicated to redefining the maternal care experience. Struggling with an outdated website and a need to enhance user experience and cost-efficiency, Yuzi Care sought a solution that could align with their vision.

Rainier Digital Solutions was chosen due to our strong project vision, our expertise in early stage small businesses, and our commitment to supporting minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses elevate their online presence to improve their business outcomes.

Customer Testimonial

Rainier Digital Solutions transformed our online presence. Our new website is visually stunning, and its improved performance has had a significant impact on our business. The custom branding, cost savings, and technical support have been invaluable. We couldn't be happier with the results!

What Rainier Digital Solutions Did

  • Modernized company website with aesthetically pleasing color schemes and graphic designs
  • Created a secure database for storing customer information
  • Created a "brand kit" featuring logos, images, and color palettes for consistent branding
  • Provided company insights into customer behavior through data analytics
  • Implemented Server Side Rendering (SSR) to improve website loading time
  • Setup Google Workspaces, Google Search Console, Google Business, and custom email accounts
  • Purchased, configured, and setup hosting of a new custom domain
  • Deprecated the Yuzi's old Wix website and implemented domain forwarding to the new domain

Technologies Used


Challenge: Lack of Expertise & Time to Setup Website

The team at Yuzi Care consists of experts in postnatal care, product management, hospitality, and finance that are passionate about reinventing the postpartum experience of mothers in the United States. In order to get their business going they opted to create their own website on Wix. This approach resulted in a sub-optimal website from all perspectives: design; UI/UX; technical; and cost. Additionally, the team did not have a formal way of tracking user behavior, website performance, or communicating with potential customers. The team was tracking leads through the use of the Google Suite of applications: gmail; Google Docs; Google Forms; and Google Sheets.

After an extended period of declining activity on the website, the team recognized the need for external help, leading them to partner with Rainier Digital Solutions.

Approach: Provide Full-Service Web Development & Hosting Solutions

Given the Yuzi Care's team lack of expertise in web development and busy schedules managing their operations, RDS recognized the need for a robust, full-service solution to offload the technical aspects of the business. Our proposed solution consisted of the following:

  • Remove the website from Wix and design a fully custom website using a modern framework (Next.js) to improve website performance
  • Collaborate with the Yuzi Care team to update their branding by providing logos, images, and consistent brand colors for use across all applications
  • Create a Google Workspace for Yuzi Care and provide administrative support in configuring emails, creating custom email signatures and business profiles for each team member
  • Implement a native form on the Yuzi Care website to collect customer information and store it in a secure database
  • Utilize Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track user behavior and improve SEO

RDS recommendations were based on the following observations:

  • Wix templates do not allow for full customization, making it difficult to showcase the Yuzi Care brand
  • Wix sends excessively large JavaScript bundles to the browser, severely slowing down loading times and negatively impacting the user experience
  • Wix has a high price point compared with a custom built and self-hosted website for a company of Yuzi's size and customer base:
    • Wix Premium: $30 / month
    • Site Booster: $4 / month
    • Site Analytics: $28 / month
    • Domain Name: $3 / month
    • Email Account: $21 / month ($7 / user, 3 users)
    • Total: $86 / month

Results: A Modern Brand, A Modern Tech Stack, & Reduced Costs

Modern Style & Custom Branded Website


Yuzi Care website by Rainier Digital Solutions


Yuzi Care Wix website

3.5x Monthly Cost Savings

RDS SolutionWix
Hosting$0 / month$30 / month
Performance Boosting$0 / month$4 / month
Site Analytics$0 / month$28 / month
Domain Name$1 / month$3 / month
Email$23 / month$21 / month
Hosting$1 / month$3 / month
Total$25 / month$86 / month

Improved Performance 40%


Yuzi Care website by Rainier Digital Solutions


Yuzi Care Wix website

Custom Email Signature

Yuzi Care custom email signature

Modern Branding

Yuzi Care Banner LogoYuzi Care 3 Rings LogoYuzi Care Square Logo

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